How to recognize the type of windscreen?

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How to recognize the type of windscreen?

How to recognize the type of windscreen?

In the more modern car models, it is often the case where we can’t tell exactly the type of glass we need just by looking at it and we have many possibilities. This difference depends on the specification of the car, hence why now we will be explaining below how you can find out for sure what kind of glass you need.

1. Standard windscreen without any sensors or camera.

2. Windscreen with a rain sensor, this means that when you switch on the engine and set the wipers on the ‘auto’ function and it is raining the wipers will automatically turn on.

3. Windscreen with sensor and camera(s) the camera in the windscreen in most cases is in a triangular shape to be used by the driver in order to control and use different systems of the car.

4. Heated windscreen, if you have a look at the glass close up you will be able to see throughout the glass small wires going across. Also on the dashboard you will be able to find the glass heating function.

* A heated windscreen can come with cameras and sensors as well.

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  1. Michael Jun 27, 2019

    Thank you for very helpful article.
    Have you seen the integrated radio antenna with the windows?

    1. Car Glass Service Jun 27, 2019

      Hi. Yes, there are such windscreen.

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