Terms and Conditions

London Windscreen Replacement & Repair Service

Terms of a service purchase

  • If you order our services by phone, at the same time you accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • We only employ experienced and highly skilled technicians to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.
  • We only use glass and sealants manufactured to OEM standards ensuring that the glass we fit is as good as the original piece of glass we are replacing.
  • Goods specified as a particular type are sold being suitable for vehicles of that particular type, but are not necessarily main dealer (O.E.M) supplied parts, even though we endeavor to provide original quality parts.
  • If a windscreen chip we work on becomes a crack during our attempted repair, you will need a replacement windscreen. In that case you will have to pay any additional excess due for a replacement.
  • Replacement windscreens are guaranteed against intrusion of water only if Rubbers, Channels and bodywork are not deteriorated or corroded making sealing/resealing ineffective.

Stone chip repair

-There is no warranty for stone chip repair as this is already broken glass, when a customer arrived we can do our best to save you your time and money by trying to salvage it however repair cannot be guaranteed as glass may not survive the procedure.-we cannot guarantee that a successful stonechip repair will be completely invisible, there may be a taint in the area as there is dust, rain and other variables that can cause inside damage that may cause a small visible taint in the area of the Stone chip.
– stone chip repair is not a crack in the glass, it is a small spider net up to 1-1,5cm in size in total.
– stone chip repair is not offered as a mobile service, only available at our address.


All complaints and inspections must be reported to us directly to qualify for any refund or repairs mentioned above. We do not cover any costs or issues that occur if the job done by us has been tampered with, any and all issues should be reported within 14 days and an appointment at our address (UB5 4BW) has to be made in advance.

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