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Land Rover – Are you thinking about replacing the windshield on your car? If the damage exceeds 22-24 mm in diameter, is less than 10 cm from the edge of the glass, is in the driver’s field of vision, or the glass itself is scratched and dull enough to obstruct visibility, it is high time to replace it. These native British brands offer not only comfort but prestige both exterior and interior of each vehicle that have grasped the hearts of many people worldwide. Car Glass Service offers you exactly that, flawless look in the fitting of your glass so you don’t even notice you replaced it, as we always put maximin heart into our work to gain 100% of your satisfaction. We offer all sorts of glass with thorough fitting and if the client wishes so even provide glass straight from the Land Rover and Jaguar fitters as we work very closely with them. Replacing the windshield is different from replacing the side window because it is seated in a special seal and glued in. The incorrectly replaced windshield may leak or even break while driving while the car body is working. The glass can be replaced in many general mechanical services, but even they outsource this work to a mobile specialist who deals only with glass replacement.

Land Rover Supported Models for Glass Replacement:

Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover, Vogue, Sport, Evouege and many more.


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