How to care for your car glasses in the winter?

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How to care for your car glasses in the winter?

Clean car windows ensure good visibility and increase the comfort of driving the vehicle and your journey. They also impact inestimably on driving safety, therefore it is worthwhile always caring for them in appropriate conditions that protect the car in case of any obstacles that may appear on the road. Before we notice frosty winter comes after cold and rainy autumn. So it is better to maintain good technical conditions of the car, as well as the conditions of the mineshaft and doormats.


It rarely happens when the driver rides a car with malfunctioning windscreen wipers in winter. This accessory is compulsory especially with the number of precipitations in this season, and quite difficult conditions on the road. If the driving motor doesn’t work you have to exchange it as soon as possible! If the doormats rubber is already consumed cracked and cannot be cleaned you have to exchange it on a new one. It does not cost a lot; moreover, you can exchange it by yourself. The effect is visible in all cases: short trips in the city, long journeys, for example, a family trip on Christmas. Winter conditions are such that all dirty things, especially in dark time, distract driver’s attention by splintering of floodlights of other cars which are passing by, and it can be very dangerous.

Appropriate windscreen washer

The freezing windscreen washer can damage car elements (sprinkler pump and wires), depriving the possibility of efficient glass cleaning using windscreen wipes, but it can also create a layer that is very dangerous during riding as it limits driver’s view. So fulfill the washer before winter times – use those that have more alcohol because it deals perfectly with the ice and is not-freezing during Polish winters. While being in the shop it is worth buying the glass defroster. If you do not want to waste summer liquid that you have in your car, it is possible to thicken it with special concentrates, adapting for using on frost.

Car glasses

It is also advised to prepare glasses before winter. There is nothing better than a good plan and prediction of consequences that appear after not caring behavior. In this case, it is very important:

  • appropriately earlier to take care of cleaning and degreasing car glasses,
  • to buy a product that creates hydrophobic properties,
  • to get essential accessories for glass cleaning from snow and ice (the feather duster, the defroster, and the scraper),

– not scratch the glass during the morning cleaning

– examine car glasses (especially windscreen), repair damaged areas. In the case of having water inside it can be frozen and damage the car or hurt the passengers.

– regularly remove glass pollutions because dirt and sand can damage glasses and exchanging it can be very expensive for you. Additionally, you have a chance to get a mandate for driving with a cracked windscreen.

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