Car glasses – principles of care

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Car glasses – principles of care

How to care about car glasses?

Clean glasses look nice and assure safety. Streaks of dirt or remains of insects can limit visibility; moreover, they require greater concentration during driving. Caring over car glasses is significant every day as well as in autumn or spring periods. How to clean the glasses and what preparations to use in order to achieve a good and long-lasting effect?

Keep an eye on grains

The equipment itself is very important. Prepare ordinary kitchen towels or special pieces of cloth from the microfiber for cleaning. Fibre or threads should not be left on the surface. Moisture absorption is equally significant. So probably the first option will not be the best solution for cleaning. As a last resort, it is possible to use the rolled newspaper pieces. Nowadays the market has a wide offer of cleaning preparations. Liquid or mousses do not leave streaks and damp patches – the process of cleaning is also very important.

From the top down

Car glass cleaning from the inside and outside is made by up and down movements. You should be careful when the heating system is turned in the car while windscreen cleaning. Wait a moment after turning it off and be careful with heating trails. Do not forget to clean the interior and side mirrors as well as spotlights. Wiper blades, places behind the seals and edges of the side windows should be also cleaned.

Appropriate preparations

After cleaning use chemical inventions in order to care about car glasses.

One more enemy with whom we fight is insects’ remains. For its cleaning, you should also use special preparations.  Ultimately, use warm water with shampoo which will also soften remains. In case of varnished surfaces (mask, bumper, wheel arches) you need to hurry: remains of insects creates a chemical reaction with varnish, causing local discolourations or even small corrosion on steel elements.

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