London Windscreen Replacement & Repair Service

Car glasses

If a chip or a scratch appeared on your car surface, don’t wait – visit the auto garage as soon as possible and get rid of the defect. When is the windscreen replacement in London necessary? If you have a chip about the diameter greater than 24 m, or the scratch longer than 10 cm, […]

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Car glasses – principles of care

How to care about car glasses? Clean glasses look nice and assure safety. Streaks of dirt or remains of insects can limit the visibility; moreover, they require greater concentration during driving. Caring over car glasses is significant every day as well as in autumn or spring periods. How to clean the glasses and what preparations […]

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Windscreen replacement – exchange or not?

Clean car glasses guarantee safe and comfortable driving. Damaged glasses can be dangerous for the driver and even lead to receiving a mandate. It is very important not to miss the time when the windscreen replacement in London is necessary. Windscreen plays especially very important role for the driver. It is exposed to damages the […]

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