5 Signs Your Car Needs Windscreen Replacement

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5 Signs Your Car Needs Windscreen Replacement

5 Signs Your Car Needs Windscreen Replacement

5 Signs Your Car Needs Windscreen Replacement

Windscreens are designed to be your strong protection against the elements of nature such
as rain, wind, snow, hail, and dust, and debris. In times of accidents, they should also
hold up as strongly as possible. You need a sturdy and defect-free windscreen that you can
trust to protect you from hazards along the way and give you a clear field of vision to aid
you to safely navigate the roads to your destination.
Some people shrug off the defects they notice on their car’s windscreen. They consider
sending their vehicle for windscreen replacement or repair a hassle and an inessential cost
item. As car owners, we should realize that ignoring a windscreen that needs replacement
may put our safety and life as well as those of our passengers at great risk.

Signs Your Car Needs Windscreen Replacement

There are measures you can take to control or limit the damage to your windscreen.
However, when its condition has gone beyond the stage of repair, you should not hesitate
to bring your car to a specialist for a needed windscreen replacement.
When you detect any of the following signs in your car, it is time to go to a professional auto
glass service provider for an immediate car windscreen replacement solution.

1. Rock chips
A rock chip on your windscreen that is about an inch in length may not hold up during a
collision. When you notice this defect, it is best to head to a reliable, experienced shop for
an immediate windscreen replacement before a vehicular accident causes you to suffer a
much-magnified disaster from this seemingly trivial defect.

2. Cracking
A crack longer than four inches (102 mm) is another damage that can result to the
windscreen giving out during a collision. In a rollover accident, a blown-out windscreen can
likely cause your roof to cave in.

3. Compromised view
There are a few things with your windscreen that can cause your view to be compromised
or obscured. Chips; cracks, especially those that create spiderweb-like impressions;
discoloration; or three or more small defects that are directly in the line of sight and affect
the vision of the driver; as well as unclear, worn out windscreen glasses should not linger.
They need to be addressed immediately – through a professional windscreen replacement.

4. Improperly installed windscreen
When you notice wind noise, leaks, or other flaws after the installation of your new
windscreen, make a quick decision to return the job to be redone or replaced by the shop
or another reputable service provider. Don’t be content with having spent a substantial
amount on something that may cause you trouble soon. Learn from your experience; work
only with professionals and not any fly-by-night suppliers or auto glass installers.

5. Inspection coming up
It is smart to have your windshield replaced before your inspection due date when you see
a crack, chips, pits, and other flaws and damage that can cause you to fail inspection. If you
postpone your windscreen replacement after the sticker inspection deadline, you can get
caught and fined for an expired sticker; doing it before the inspection is good timing. There
is a special transfer procedure allowing the sticker to travel with your new glass.

Give your car’s windscreen the attention it deserves. It is your first line of defence against
many hazards on the road. Has it been replaced when you notice or experience any of the red
flag signs described above?
For reliable and quality windscreen replacement needs, visit or call us at Car Glass
Service in North London and we’ll be happy to provide the service that you deserve.

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