What not to do after replacing your car windscreen

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What not to do after replacing your car windscreen

What not to do after replacing your car windscreen

What not to do after replacing your car windscreen

What not to do after replacing your car windscreen? Replacing your car windscreen, there are a few things you should avoid doing to ensure the new windscreen remains intact and undamaged. Here are some “do nots” after replacing your car windscreen:

1. Avoid driving immediately: It is important to allow the adhesive used to bond the windscreen to settle and cure properly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the curing time. Typically, it is recommended to avoid driving for at least an hour or longer, depending on the adhesive used.

2. Do not remove any protective coverings: The windscreen may have a protective film or coverings placed on it during installation. It is crucial not to remove these coverings until advised to do so by the technician.

3. Avoid cleaning the windscreen: Give the adhesive time to cure properly before attempting to clean the windscreen. Harsh chemicals or high-pressure water from car washes can weaken the bond between the glass and the frame. Wait at least 24 hours before cleaning the windscreen.

4. Do not slam car doors: Slamming car doors forcefully can create pressure on the windscreen, potentially causing it to dislodge or crack. Be gentle when closing the doors to avoid any unnecessary stress on the newly replaced windscreen.

5. Do not drive on rough roads or over-speed bumps aggressively: Avoid driving on bumpy roads or over-speed bumps at high speeds, especially during the initial curing period. These motions can put stress on the windscreen and the adhesive, potentially affecting the bond.

6. Avoid extreme temperature changes: Rapid temperature changes can affect the integrity of the windscreen, especially during the initial curing period. Avoid parking the car in direct sunlight or exposing it to freezing temperatures until the adhesive has fully cured.

7. Do not remove any side tape or seals: Some windscreen replacements may have additional side tape or seals applied to provide an extra layer of protection. Do not remove these tape or seals without consulting the technician or the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember, it is crucial to follow the specific instructions provided by the windscreen replacement technician or the manufacturer to ensure the best possible outcome and longevity of the newly replaced windscreen.


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