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Car windscreen replacement

Car windscreen replacement

Car windscreen replacement

Car windscreen replacement. How long does it take to replace the windscreen in the car?

The installation of a new windscreen in a car is carried out using specialized equipment. It is divided into several stages by established rules and in a specific order. The stages of installation work are preceded by thorough preparation. The duration of the windshield replacement process in a car or van depends on several factors. If there is no other damage to the bodywork, the repair can take approximately 40min to 1.5 hours. What factors affect the final date of the service? We invite you to read our article.

The basic and key stages of replacing the windshield in the car:

In the beginning, it is worth noting that the installation of car windows should be carried out only by a qualified specialist in this field.

The process of replacing the windshield in the car is divided into the following stages:

  • According to the car manufacturer’s instructions, seals, clips and wipers, and possibly other parts, are removed first,
  • using a special knife or cutting wire, the glass is cut out
  • using specialized, professional suction cups, the damaged glass is removed,
  • next, the body elements are prepared for the application of glue-cleaning
  • if necessary, removing corrosion from the car body surface,
  • re-cleaning the surface,
  • use of a specialized preparation of the car body for glass assembly,
  • selection of the right type of glue,
  • professional application of glue using the appropriate applicator tip,
  • adjusting the new windshield to the car body using suction cups – immediately after applying the glue,
  • making possible adjustments to the position of the glass – securing the appropriate position with special tapes until the glue dries.

Installation Time – depending on the label of the damage

Usually, the planned time of car window installation is determined individually for each client, due to the assessment of the damage. It may also differ due to the age of the vehicle, the amount of applied glue (if the application was excessive)In addition, if window seals or other minor repairs were made on their own. Heating or sensors were installed. Additionally , the installation time of the glass in the car may be extended if excessive corrosion on the retaining elements and significant sheet metal defects are found.

However, if we find small rust spots on the critical points of the body, they are immediately eliminated and secured. Then glueing the glass will not result in glass cracks and leaks.

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