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Van Window Replacement & Conversion

Car Glass Service has highly experienced van conversion specialists.

Our fully mobile service covers the whole of London. We will use all of our expertise and workmanship to transform your van. We can cut panels to create new openings and fit windows to improve the look and functionality of your vehicle, whilst ensuring a top-quality finish.

Our fast-curing glue means you can be back behind the wheel within 1 hour of a job’s completion.

Van Windows

You need to contact us if you want to convert or repair your van – regardless of whether you want window glass replacement, new cushions in the car, or fixing the doors, you’ll find our team competent and ready to help. You don’t have to suffer from a low-quality van windows conversion that makes your van look worse and the end product doesn’t actually look like campervan windows at all. That’s why it is so important to pay for high-quality services from trustworthy companies. It is the only way you can make sure the van windows are appropriately handled and there’s no mismanagement going on. Our company provides such a service.

Van Customization

When we begin a conversion, we’ll allow our clients to customize their van however they want. Do you want us to install solar panels on the roof of your van? Do you want to get the cushions completely removed and create a more relaxing interior? No matter what kind of customizations you request, our company will be able to answer your needs without charging exorbitant prices. One of the only companies to provide a variety of options while still having services affordable for the regular Joe. So, call us now if you want a camper van that you can truly call yourself – one which you can customize to your heart’s content.

Van Conversion - Mercedes Sprinter - Car Glass Service

Professional Team

We have a professional team that has worked on van conversions for years – we know the ins and outs of most van models – we know what exactly to do to convert your van into the campervan of your dreams. You don’t need to gamble on inexperienced teams that might ruin your van and inflict lasting damage on its structure whilst not giving you the end product you asked for. With us, you can rest assured that the conversion will go without a hitch and you’ll be satisfied with the end product. We’ve staked our professional reputation on it.

Affordable Services

Most conversion services aren’t cheap, and they can’t guarantee the quality of their work. With our extensive portfolio, you can see the previous projects we’ve worked on and rest assured in the quality of our work – all the while, we strive to deliver these services as inexpensively as possible. Without cutting corners, we’ve been able to refine our business model to strike an excellent balance between quality and price, one that we’re sure our clients and customers will love (as they’ve continued to do so over the years). With us, you won’t need to worry about either the quality of the services or the price.


Van conversion glass is ordered by our company from a different supplier which is why we require a deposit. The deposit ensures our company that the client won’t change their mind once the glass is ordered and keeps to their side of the agreement, as the glass from our supplier cannot be returned. The glass is delivered by a 48 hour courier, however we are unable to guarantee it will be exactly 48 hours as it is postage on our suppliers behalf and we are not responsible for it, especially during COVID-19 as deliveries are often delayed and it can take longer which isn’t the fault of our company. The deposit is kept in case the client changes their mind once the glass is ordered so our costs are covered since the glass cannot be returned.

Van conversion

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Van conversion

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Van conversion

Air-con ,skylights and solar panel installation

Van conversion


Van conversion

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Van Conversion - SOLD by Car Glass Service

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Van Conversion - SOLD by car Glass

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