What You Need to Know About Windscreen Chip Repair?

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What You Need to Know About Windscreen Chip Repair?

What You Need to Know About Windscreen Chip Repair?

What You Need to Know About Windscreen Chip Repair?

Most of the time, we casually ride in our vehicles unmindful of what we believe is a trivial flaw in our windscreen such as a chip. With its size being small relative to the whole windscreen surface, we tend to dismiss it as inconsequential to our ability to drive. But, think again. Many large and more serious defects start small. It is wise to have windscreen chips repaired before they grow or propagate to cause you enormous trouble including safety issues, substantial expenses, and lack of peace of mind. While it is still early, chips on car windscreens can be repaired preventing accidents, major damage, and inconvenience.


Driving with Chipped Windscreen


A chip on your car’s windscreen should not be ignored. It can obscure your view or distract you as you drive, especially when it is directly in your line of vision, which can both lead to potential accidents. Continuing to drive with a chipped glass can also cause the defect to magnify leading to a major safety hazard. As you drive, your vehicle’s windscreen contends against strong wind resistance, vibration, flying debris, and other forms of mechanical stress, as well as changes in temperature. They are enough to allow the chip to develop into a serious, full crack.


A chip or crack on your vehicle’s windscreen will not get better by itself. On the contrary, it can only become worse when you don’t mind it. Taking your vehicle to a professional auto glass service shop for repair before a replacement becomes necessary is prudent. It will keep you out of bigger trouble from accidents, considerable costs of replacement, and hassle.


Windscreen Chips can be Repaired


One of the reasons drivers put off calling the auto glass service company is because they believe that replacement is the only option to correct the chip on their windscreen. They avoid the substantial cost of glass replacement and the inconvenience the process entails including dealing with the insurance company to claim.


The good news is chipped windscreens can mostly be repaired. Car glass service companies deal with more chip repairs than glass replacement from chips. A professional company will try to save you money and time by repairing your windscreens whenever possible. Chips within the repair condition limits can be quickly and easily patched up. With the repair, the strength and safety of the windscreen are not compromised at all. On the other hand, more serious defects, even if they don’t look severe, will need to undergo full replacement for your safety.

Windscreen Chip Repair


Some car owners go to a car windscreen repair shop hoping that just about any chip condition they have in their car is within repair capability. They end up disappointed knowing that it is not and that replacement is needed. Whilst many car chip situations are repairable, the experienced and professional auto glass service company will be in the best position to assess your windscreen conditions to make a conclusive judgment on whether a repair is feasible. They’ve seen and worked on all types of chipped windscreen glass. Trust your partner car glass service provider when they advise you of the proper action to take. They take responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of their customers.


It is worth noting that if the chip falls within the driver’s line of vision and expands to more than 10mm across, your vehicle could fail its NCT/CVRT, the safety and roadworthiness test requited by the MOT. It is a hassle you certainly want to avoid.


Have the chip on your car repaired immediately for you and your passengers’ safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

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