How to Install Rear Car Window Glass

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How to Install Rear Car Window Glass

How to Install Rear Car Window Glass

Installing a rear car window may sound complicated and overwhelming for an ordinary car owner as a DIY job. It is not, even if you aren’t a technical person. You only need some focus and follow a step-by-step procedure that will ensure your car window glass is properly installed.


A rear car window glass installation is done the same way for a car windscreen. Although more experienced people may be able to perform the installation alone, it is best done with the assistance of a second person.


Steps in Installing Rear Car Window Glass


You install a rear car window glass when it undergoes repair or it is a new replacement for an old glass or damaged glass that is beyond repair.


In a car window repair:


  1. Take the old rear glass out from its place by pulling the weatherstrip rubber around the glass from the inside. Work it out from the bottom first. You need a second person from the outside to assist. The easier way is to cut the rubber moulding using a razor but it will require you to replace the damaged moulding with a new one if you are to reinstall the same glass.


  1. For a glass that needs to be repaired, have the repair done, and clean the glass when it has been taken out. Clean the glass especially around the edges using a regular glass cleaner. After the repair and cleaning, you are ready to put the rubber back around the glass. Be sure to check that the rubber moulding is still in good functional condition; otherwise, get a new one to install with your repaired glass. Mouldings are designed mainly to cover the gap between the edge of the glass and the body of the car. Poor quality of the rubber moulding may cause leaks in your car window.


For car glass replacement:


For a car glass replacement, the new glass is ready to be installed following the next steps, which are common for both repaired and replacement car glass.


  1. Put the weatherstrip rubber around the glass. Use masking tape on the glass to hold the rubber in place.


  1. Starting from the bottom center, put a 1/8” to 3/16 “diameter cord around the pinch on the rubber. Put it all the way around until the ends of the cord cross. Tuck the cord in.


  1. Lay the rubber on the body of the car. Take the glass in and start from the bottom and work your way to the sides and the center.


  1. Pull the cord to lift the rubber and pull the rubber pinch over the metal pinch well. Go from one corner then work your way up the other corner. Assistance is important at this point. The second person puts pressure on the glass as it is pushed and held down. Once the cord is pulled through, the glass pops in and is secured in place.


Rear Car Window Glass Installation


Rear car window glass installation is pretty straightforward. With a little patience and cautiousness, the job can be done easily in an hour or so and you’ll be ready to apply glass sealant to seal the auto glass into its moulding. Depending on the type of adhesive you use and the temperature and humidity conditions, you may just wait for a few hours for the sealant to drive and let you drive your car again.


You have an option to have your car glass installed by professionals, which is preferred by many busy car owners. If you decide on this, go with a company that has a good reputation and certified technicians.



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