Windscreen replacement – exchange or not?

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Windscreen replacement – exchange or not?

Clean car glasses guarantee safe and comfortable driving. Damaged glasses can be dangerous for the driver and even lead to receiving a mandate. It is very important not to miss the time when the windscreen replacement in London is necessary.

Windscreen plays especially very important role for the driver. It is exposed to damages the most. There is also a fact that sometimes drivers do not care for the car and the windscreen conditions become worse. Damages often appear after scraping using a plastic tool or using doormats without antifreeze.

A windscreen replacement in London – when is it worthwhile?

It is worth taking into account, that according to the Road Code, you will get a mandate in case of driving with cracked or scratched glasses that limit visibility. The car with a damaged windscreen that is located in front of the driver will not be accepted during the technical examination.

In case of natural consuming of the windscreen, that means a gathering of small scratches on the glass surface limiting the visibility, you do not need to exchange it. Meanwhile, polish the glasses in mechanical service from time to time.

A windscreen replacement in London is necessary in case of the mechanical damages from hitting with the stone. Even a slight spot on the surface can become bigger with the time because of cracks gabbing away. The windscreen replacement is recommended when you have linear cracks that are not possible to be repaired. The windscreen replacement should be held in special mechanical services that guarantee you high-quality installation.

A windscreen replacement in London – how the process looks like?

Replacement steps:

1. Removing gaskets, doormats and other parts according to the production recommendations.

2. Cutting the glasses out with wire or knife.

3. Removing the glasses by using suckers.

4. Checking the conditions of old glue securing the glasses. In case of good conditions, it has to be cut up to 1-2 mm leaving clean and smoothed surface enabling putting new glue.

5. Cleaning the base and glass paying special attention to the stuck part of the glass.

6. Checking the state of the car body.

7. In case of the corrosion, it should be dismissed and cleaned.

8. Putting the appropriate kind of glue and the installation of glass.

9. Fitting the glass with suckers and securing by tapes for the drying of the glue.

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