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London Windscreen Replacement & Repair Service

Car glasses

If a chip or a scratch appeared on your car surface, don’t wait – visit the auto garage as soon as possible and get rid of the defect.

When is the windscreen replacement in London necessary?

If you have a chip about the diameter greater than 24 m, or the scratch longer than 10 cm, windscreen replacement in London is necessary. The necessity appears as well in the moment when damage is close to the edge in the distance 10 cm from the edge of the glass. Windscreen replacement in London is needed in the case of glass delamination.

Do you need windscreen replacement in London? Take advantage of services that are provided by professionals in special places. They perfectly replace a new glass to each kind of vehicle not only the private one. You can replace windscreen for delivery trucks, heavy-goods vehicles, buses or agricultural vehicles.

Repair of windscreen

Complex reparation can be used in case of having not huge damages. Such repair restores glass resistance and its transparency in the damaged place. This service takes around 30 minutes and the cost if lower than in case of replacement.

Glass panes darkening

One of the services you can use is professional glass panes darkening. The wide range of darkening foils in different shades certainly will fit into everyone’s preference.

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