Car glasses – what are their functions?

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Car glasses – what are their functions?

Car glasses – what are their functions?

Car glasses guarantee good visibility on the road, safety and resistance to changeable weather conditions.

Visibility on the road

It is well known that car glasses provide good visibility on the road. They are installed in cars to let the driver have the greatest field of vision during driving. In order to not limit our visibility, car glass should be always clean and not have visual distortions, cracks and other kinds of damage.

Barrier function

Car glasses create a barrier between passengers and the driver, and prevailing outside weather conditions. They prevent from entering wind, rain, hail or snow, and small elements from getting out from under the wheels inside the car.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above car glasses play a protection role. They should be resistant to air pressure while driving so they may constitute even 50% of the entire exterior surface of the personal car. Taking into account this fact glasses are made of laminated glass with a high level of resistance that is immune to small damages and does not disrupt its appearance.


One of the most important functions of car glasses is safety. Not everyone realizes the fact that in case of an accident when the glasses can be damaged, they will not be broken on small particles but keep in a special foil. Moreover, windscreen makes the whole construction stronger and thanks to modern methods of production car glasses are resistant to strong pressure. In case of rolling on the car roof, a windscreen is supposed to prevent the roof collapsing.

Not all of us realize the fact that the car glasses are essential elements that ensure the effect of airbags. In case of an accident, glasses function as a base for the airbags.

Rain sensors

Driving car during the rain is embarrassing, therefore modern car glasses often have a rain sensor built inside. It detects humidity on the glass surface by turning on the infra-red light. Speed regulation is onerous, especially during irregular rainfall, so everyone who has rain sensor notices its essentiality.

UV protection

Car glasses can reflect the heat bloom that is often meet in hot summer days. Glass surface overheats the whole car so it is good to use laminated glasses with double therefore they are drawing up laminate with the double layer of foil that reflects the UV light lowering the temperature inside the car.

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